• Active ingredients
    White cinquefoil (Potentilla alba) root extract — 200 mg, Rhodiola rosea root extract — 100 mg, Baikal scullcap root extract — 100 mg
  • Product form
    30 gelatin capsules in blisters and carton pack
  • Why is it important?
    Potentilla alba L. affects the production of thyroid-stimulating hormone, the processes of restoration of thyrocytes (thyroid cells), contributing to the normalization of the level of thyroid hormones. Rhodiola Rosea root extr. is a powerful adaptogen with proven antioxidant properties, it improves physical and mental activity, contributes to thyroid function activation, accelerates tissue repair processes. Baikal Scullcap root extr. assures neuroprotective, nootropic effect, and better vascular tone. 3 extracts together help to normalize the overall well-being when the function of the thyroid gland is reduced.
  • Possible applications
    The intake of ENDOMAR® for 3 months and longer supports the restoration of the thyroid gland’s structure and function under hypofunction. The remedy helps to reduce hypothyroidism’s manifestations: weakness, lethargy, decreased mental and physical performance, sleep disorders, weight gain, and other disorders.
  • Method of administration and dosage
    To be used in adults as 1 capsule 1-2 times a day 15 minutes after a meal, with drinking water. The minimum duration of the course of consumption is 3 months. According to the doctor’s prescription,           the course of consumption can be 6 months or more.
  • Contraindications
    Individual intolerance to any of the components, pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Manufactured in Ukraine

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