• Active ingredients Potentilla alba root dry extract (White Cinquefoil) — 300 mg
  • Product form 60 transparent gelatin capsules in blisters and carton pack, 365 transparent gelatin capsules in polymer jar
  • Why is it important? Potentilla alba L. (White Cinquefoil) is used as a medicinal plant that contains a variety of biologically active substances. Independent researchers confirmed that Potentilla alba root extr. (White Cinquefoil) can be utilized with success for the treatment of hypothyroidism, goiter, hyperthyroidism, and thyrotoxicosis. The effectiveness of such remedy has been confirmed by numerous clinical trials in Ukraine.
  • Possible applications ALBA® is a natural support for the thyroid gland normalization in terms of volume and functional state. The intake within 6 months or longer leads to recovery of structure and function of the thyroid gland.ALBA® is the right choice for people with hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis, euthyroid goiter, and endemic goiter, thyroid hyperplasia.
  • Method of administration and dosage To be taken by children over 12 years old and adults 1 capsule 2 times a day 15 minutes before meals with drinking water. The minimum duration of the course of application is 3 months. According to the doctor’s prescription, the course of admission can be 6 or more months. If necessary, the course can be repeated after 2-3 months.
    Before starting use, a doctor’s consultation is recommended.
  • Contraindications Individual intolerance to any of the components, pregnancy, and breast-feeding.
  • Manufactured in Ukraine

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