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About us

OmniFarma Europe Ltd was founded in 2008 by a group of professionals from Ukraine and Germany, with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical market. The purpose of the Company is the development and implementation of strong brands to healthcare based on scientific innovation, standards of modern medicine and relevant principles of pharmacoeconomics.


Our mission is to provide innovative products in order to come out public health and quality of life to a new level. At present OmniFarma Europe Ltd cooperates with the group of contract enterprises covering Ukraine and Belarus with the main focus on mutual projects realization with business partners from Eastern and Western Europe, Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Middle East and South Eastern Asia.

Working out of technological standards is based on interaction with leading pharma experts in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, while own developed brand-new is passing sever examination before falling into consumers' hands:

We are proud that for our bestseller CARBOWHITE uses high-technological substance made by German company EVONIK (, worldwide leader of silica dioxide production.

OmniFarma Europe Ltd has established partnership with the production enterprises which meet the highest demands in the field of quality control for the raw materials, package and final product.


Analysis of market requirements and the consumers demands for sorbents;


Working out of different methods for quality control;


Design of package and its adoption;


Choice of industrial area as well as the raw materials provider;


Registration process;


Information assistance of own brand-new;


Ensuring the distribution to the pharmacies and internet sales;


Cooperation with professionals and customers.

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